Brang Reynolds

CTO, In Formation Holdings

CEO, Yetzirah Industries

(At a Glance)

Brang Reynolds is a Software Engineering Juggernaut, with a proven track record of prolific productivity and ingenuity. He accomplishes at 10% capacity what most can only dream of at 100%.

He has been serving as the CTO of Anastasia VR and more broadly, In Formation Holdings for nearly 10 years, and has recently founded Yetzirah Industries to house his personal brands.

He grew up in Mamaroneck, NY, with a lower-middle class family surrounded by wealthy trust fund babies. He overcame his humble upbringing, briefly attending Cornell University, and became a truly self-made man through sheer force of will and determination.

He believes in living a life guided by principles that can be consistently executed. He believes in being radically reflective and intentional with his priorities to accomplish his goals.

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